Talent and Performance Management are critical HR elements driving factors like employee engagement, retention, skill development, succession planning, training needs ananlysis. All those areas that impact the bottom line indirectly!

With 46% of new managers not performing to expected standard in new roles (CEB research), its of concern that effective talent management processes are not implemented in organisations.  This has long lasting implications on productivity, performance, team dynamics, manager credibility and HR credibility.

Managers’ potential should be identified and developed long before they are needed for the relevant roles.  Organisations still seem to struggle with this.  It is the result of poor HR and management planning as well as ineffective talent management strategies. Its also often the result of subjective factors and the decision makers inability to assess competencies correctly.  HR departments should train their decision makers and leaders accordingly.

Management coaching as part of a talent management process will ensure that:

  • Effective management styles are developed to manage team and individual performance
  • Speed up personal development & increase skill levels of employees
  • Increase transitioning success rates for new supervisors and managers
  • Improve team profiling, dynamics and results

The impact of poor management on organisations are often underestimated.  Review your strategy and processes.

Do they follow through from start to end?

Do you measure effectiveness through metrics and results?

What is your succession coverage ratio?