Transparency signals safety to the brain.

The individual experiences a sense of relaxation, due to feeling included and the level of trust increases.


When employees are consulted for their views and input and informed about what is ‘transpiring’, it builds two way understanding. Psychological safety is created. This in return creates equality for collaboration and co-creation. Team performance can be significantly enhanced through utlising conversational principles that are supportive and empathic resulting in psychological safety.

Developing a deeper sense of self awareness is a great start for leaders to become more conscious of how they influence and impact the emotions and actions of those around them.

Ensuring that first time manages learn these skills from the beginning can make a significant difference in their success rate. Coaching is an effective microlearning process to assist managers to learn self-regulation and being more conscious of their own behaviour and the impact they have on others.

Managers and leaders are in positions where they can influence others directly, how they do that remains matter of personal integrity and learning the art of intelligent conversations with the brain in mind.

Neuroscience has provided us with opportunities never seen before, to understand how our brain chemistry influence how we behave and how we can positively affect our own environment.

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