Building trust through conversations is a fundamental leadership skill, especially in today’s remote working culture. When leaders learn to build trust in their teams and in their organisations, collaboration, co-creation and creativity is significantly improved.

Trust is born out of the absence of fear to a large extent. Fear shuts down the brains ability to process information and creates large amounts of stress, uncertainty and incorrect assumptions.

You can only imagine the havoc this will play on team interaction and limiting performance and potential!

Working with leaders on firstly understanding the criticality of creating trust relationships through communication and secondly applying this consistently will improve company culture, performance, engagement and retention.


#Neuroscience has paved the way for changing the leadership landscape and improving how organisations roll out change management and other activities impacting culture.

Our conversations will look very different based on these principles and so will the results we achieve.

Do the leaders in your organisation know how to build trust?

Do they know how to get the best performance and engagement from their team?