Most managers and leaders left university or college with good educational qualifications, armed with tools, processes, research. They became an expert in their field. Does this make them a good manager of others?

Unfortunately, not. The skills for management and leading are never taught until they reach the role or position that requires it.

Almost everything a leader has to do in their role is through people. Peers, bosses, teams and direct reports. They have to achieve goals through people and it all depends on what they have never been taught.


Leadership development programs can take them only so far.

It’s still mostly based on theory and scenarios, not real-life experiences and situations they deal with daily. The old dilemma for L&D has always been how much is retained and taken back for implementation after training (Kirkpatrick Level 3/4).

This can be changed through coaching. Leadership Coaching serves as a ‘micro-training’ intervention based on the individual and their specific needs for development within the specific situations they are dealing with daily.

That’s where the impact and ROI lies.