If you are not getting the results you want, maybe its time to give your conversational intelligence a boost

Daniel H. Pink ,

Conversations have purpose in our lives. An effective conversation draws on the following elements

  • each party practices active listening

  • each party has good levels of self-awareness

  • each party is aiming for a win-win outcome

  • there is trust

  • ego and the need to be right is not part of the conversation

  • there is no judging

  • relationships are strengthened

  • good questions

Often in conversations we are talking to one another as if we have the same thought processes, interpretations and labels for the same words.

This is how confusion and misunderstanding can be created in teams, sales interactions, performance feedback, remote project groups to name a few.

When we learn to become more aware of how others may interpret our message and vice versa, we can become a lot more skilled and intelligent in our conversations. Be mindful of your conversations.