A 2016 survey of 500 managers from micro-learning platform Grovo found that 44% felt unprepared for their role; 87% wished they had more training. 

Managing and leading is a forever evolving skill & traditional learning & development does not cut it any longer. The above figures suggest that companies do not provide enough or possibly effective training. Giving out a new title does not mean the employee knows how to do that job when it looks vastly different to what they are used to.

Expectations that by being a manager or leader results in having the knowledge, agility & attributes, often harm these employees when they do not live up to them. This DIY approach will impact your organisation & not in a good way. A few reasons why management training does not work:

  • training is too long & too generic

  • after support & reinforcement is non-existent

  • individual base skill & competencies are not considered

  • mentoring & coaching is excluded from development

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Most students of management agree the transition from employee to manager is one of the most challenging in business

Victor Lipman , HBR