Coaching is micro-training for managers

Most managers and leaders left university or college with good educational qualifications, armed with tools, processes, research. They became an expert in their field. Does this make them a good manager of others? [...]

The power of self-awareness

‘Know Thyself’ Being emotionally intelligent is not a new concept in leadership. Why do we still struggle with this so much then? The foundational element of emotional intelligence is self-awareness – know thyself [...]

  • coaching conversations

The importance of conversations

Every conversation we have with another person, has the potential to alter our lives. A short exchange of words can change everything. Words are powerful. We do not always understand the impact it may [...]

Conversational Intelligence

If you are not getting the results you want, maybe its time to give your conversational intelligence a boost Conversations have purpose in our lives. An effective conversation draws on the following elements [...]

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Building trust is a leadership skill

Building trust through conversations is a fundamental leadership skill, especially in today's remote working culture. When leaders learn to build trust in their teams and in their organisations, collaboration, co-creation and creativity is significantly [...]

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Building trust in your teams

Transparency signals safety to the brain. The individual experiences a sense of relaxation, due to feeling included and the level of trust increases. When employees are consulted for their views and input and informed [...]

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Why many people don’t develop as leaders

The importance and value of good leadership is mostly recognised universally in various institutions, however not many work to become better leaders.  We often read employees leave managers not companies! The beliefs and assumptions [...]

The Changing Face of the Leader

A few weeks ago, I posted about leadership in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world. This landscape cries out for new ways of operating and behaving if leaders strive to be effective and [...]