Every conversation we have with another person, has the potential to alter our lives. A short exchange of words can change everything.

coaching conversations

Words are powerful.

We do not always understand the impact it may have on others. Everyone interprets words and context differently. This is where real listening becomes so extremely important. Most of us listen while we prepare a response in our minds, instead of truly understanding what is being said, why and what else could there be to words being spoken. Having authentic conversations can go a long way in organisations, where both parties are present in the moment without agenda. Here we shape and transform reality together for a greater outcome and benefit.

This is an important leadership skill and leads to employee collaboration, creativity, team performance and engagement. Listening without judgement can take a conversation to a totally different level.

We all see the world through our own biases, blind spots and filters that prevents us from recognising reality as it is.

A performance discussion can have a more positive focus and constructive outcome when both parties show up with a WE attitude.

Too often we are focused on our own needs and wants and the relationship suffers.  Learning how to manage conversations effectively is a skill we should all learn and use!