Over the last few days I worked with a team to restore broken down relationships and trust as a result of having a manager with ineffective leadership and management skills for far too long.

It’s unfortunate that this was not addressed earlier. Once trust is damaged and scars run deep, it’s really hard for people to even contemplate reconciling. We protect ourselves from getting hurt again – flight or fight.

The neurochemistry in the brain will block out the options for connecting openly and freely with others. It will take time and focus on reframing, and redirecting the challenges at hand.

Poor management and leadership skills can be improved and organisations do have options other than to allow it to destroy teams that previously worked well together. It starts at the point of promoting or appointing managers.

Managers Impact

Extra time and effort to get these processes right can save a lot of heartache in the long run and should certainly receive the attention it deserves. If after that for whatever reason a manager is still not showing effective leadership skills, help them, support them and provide options to improve.

Trust can be rebuilt, its possible.  Its obviously better to not get to the point of having to.