‘Know Thyself’

a motto inscribed on the illustration of the Temple of Delphi. To look at one self,

Being emotionally intelligent is not a new concept in leadership. Why do we still struggle with this so much then?

The foundational element of emotional intelligence is self-awareness – know thyself

self awareness

Most people are not self-awareness even though they think they are, as per the research Tasha Eurich speaks about in her TED talk (link below).

Self-awareness allows us to be conscious of our behaviour in relation to others and to modify this behaviour as the situation requires, therefore the advocacy of conscious leadership.

How do you engage your employees?

Through positive emotions, through empathy and a desire to truly understand the other person. This is only possible when we work on our levels of self-awareness. That is what makes a leader successful and valued by his or her employees, not because of position power. Anyone can use position power to their advantage.

It’s the truly skilled leader that chooses to go beyond title and old paradigms.

TED Talk

Tasha Eurich’s TED talk


TED Talk