In the last decade we have seen the need for a ‘new age’ type of leadership coming to the fore, grounded in authenticity, trust, and transparency – consciousleadership

Employees at all levels of organisations want meaningful and motivating work experiences.

Unfortunately, most leadership development initiatives fall flat since these enforce a rigid one-size-fits-all model, instead of allowing leaders to create their own individual style.

Each employee needs a different approach to bring the best out of that person.

This is why organisations find it so difficult to manage engagement effectively. We have passed the times of requiring standardised approaches to ensure consistency in management training.

That has clearly proven not to work any longer. One of the best ways of facilitating #leadershipdevelopment remains #coaching. It works effectively with the unique circumstances of each leader contextualising their strengths, competencies, values, self-awareness and model of the world to create #consciousleadership and authenticity.

The result is leadership that builds #effectiveteams, engages employees, develops talent and provide meaningful feedback.

Its writing a training manual for the individual with real life practice based on their specific development needs.